Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Video - The Last Shadow Puppets, 'The Age of Understatement' (pt. 2)

"Directed by director Romain Gavras, their debut video is as big as Mother Russia..."

The Last Shadow Puppets are a side project/collaboration by Alex Turner of Sheffield indie band the Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane of the Rascals. I never particularly liked the Arctic Monkeys, but I wouldn't say I never enjoyed their sound. Back when they were really big, i.e. the whole of 2006, it was in part refreshing and in part suffocating. There's only so much charmingly sloppy punk that I can take - especially when it's not really punk, just sounds similar - and ubiquity became a curse for something I never fully warmed to in the first place. Distance helps, and when I heard 'Yellow Bricks' on the radio for the first time in a while today I was reminded of how much I did actually like that song.

Anyway, this new group takes Alex Turner's distinctive vocal style and melds it into what everybody calls a more 'cinematic' sound: spacious, broad strokes and lush arrangements (in part from Final Fantasy's Owen Pallet) all harking back to sixties pop and the seventies music that built on it. The single 'The Age of Understatement' comes in two 7" versions, the better of which is the second with a cover of a suitably pop-tastic David Bowie b-side, 'In the Heat of the Morning':

The Last Shadow Puppets - 'The Age of the Understatement' (pt. 2), vinyl rip

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