Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grant Hart - 2541

"twenty-five forty-one, big windows to let in the sun" almost all you need to know about this song. Other things you might want to know is that this EP was Grant Hart’s first solo release, shortly after leaving Husker Du, in 1988. The address of the title is a house that the band lived and worked from for a long period. 2541 preceded his first full-length, Intolerance, which featured a re-recorded version of this song (not quite as good as this one though, apparently), and which I’m meaning to get one of these days.

I downloaded Hart’s later solo album Good News for Modern Man a long time ago from eMusic – around the time I was first listening to Metal Circus, and then Zen Arcade. That is to say, before I heard any of the later, ‘poppier’ Husker Du stuff. GNFMM, nevertheless, blew me away as a catchy-as-hell, soaring and jangly pop record. 2451 has a lot of those qualities, both on the title track and the two b-sides, 'Come Come' and 'Let's Go'.

Grant Hart - 2541 (10" EP version, vinyl rip)

check out this similar but more detailed post on the CD version.


I haven't been able to take properly satisfactory photographs of a lot of my latest stuff, hopefully I might make another effort this weekend (I have the blue Dinosaur vinyl to go with the green Bug reissue, more on which below). But for the moment, here's a decent photo of what the record looks like:

(500 pixels wide, so click to expand slightly. That's not the sleeve the record comes in, obviously)


I bought this second hand from Spin Dizzy Records in the Georges' Street Arcade in Dublin, and inside came an original SST mailorder catalogue which I've reproduced below. Notice this 'new' album shown in the top right corner. The reverse has been resized just so much that it should still be legible if you view it on its own (click to expand).


Matt Ramone said...

I founc a copy of this not too long ago i nsome picked-over suburban vinyl store. True quality.

Intolerance is well worth checking out, especially the song "Fanfare in D Major."

sweet baby jaysus said...

man it's funny looking at the catalog, you sometimes forget everyone who graced the halls of SST. i mean shit, even steve fisk put out a record on SST, fuck.

gabbagabbahey said...

I totally left I reply to your comments here a couple of days ago, but it didn't stick around obviously...

not that I had anything terribly important to say, other than a) I will definitely order Intolerance sometime (considering I previously spent some time + effort getting Nova Mob, The Last Days of Pompeii) and b) yes, SST is great.

thanks anyway, though!