Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Video - Cap Pas Cap, 'Said Say It'

Cap Pas Cap are a Dublin indie band who play jerky, repetitive pop music. So, kind of like an Irish Foals. I bought their EP Not Not is Fine in Road Records on Monday and I've been spinning the record and watching this video for most of the time since. Did I mention it's really infectious?

'Said Say It' is the first track on the flip side of the EP, and runs for just under five minutes of quirky, captivating angular guitar sounds and percussion. For the most part it's a very simple rhythm repeated over and over, but it's the way that it's expressed at each stage that makes the song so interesting. Especially the percussive breakdown at about three and half minutes in.

The video itself is quite interesting, taking this odd continually revolving shot with a fisheye lens - which looks a bit stuffy at first, but when you think about the structure and dynamics of the song I think you realise that it works quite well. The expansive back garden and posh house could be in any number of places in South County Dublin ('So-Co-Du'), although the label address does go back to the leafy suburb of Blackrock.

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