Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Video: The Undertones, 'Teenage Kicks'

(click the picture below to see full size)

I don't think I need to do much introducing for this song; seminal pop-punk track, a piece of music that launched the Derry band's career in late 1970s UK and Ireland; and the culmination of an influence that began with the 1976 release of the Ramones' self-titled debut and the formation of the Sex Pistols.

It's also well-known as legendary BBC DJ John Peel's favourite song, hence the graffiti piece above (spotted on a Belfast flyover, from this blogger via Wikipedia). If, by some bizarre chance, it's not well known enough for you, here's a few links:

Teenage Kicks on Wikipedia

Guardian interview with John Peel, 2001 (1)

Guardian interview with John Peel, 2001 (2)

Watch out for the s/t album on the blog sometime soon, as well as perhaps something from the Listening In: The Undertones Radio Sessions 1978-1982 which I picked up second-hand recently.

As part of the series of very best Irish albums I started back on Paddy's Day. 'Teenage Kicks' isn't an album, but if it was it would have to be #1. Sorry, Loveless.

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