Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Video - Dark Room Notes, 'Love Like Nicotine'

Dark Room Notes are an Irish indie band, originally from Galway but now based in Dublin, who were voted the favourite act by the viewers on this year's RTE Other Voices series. More on the electro end of the musical spectrum, this rather catchy song is from their debut single; the b-side to which is an 'Evil Disco Flood Remix' which quite interestingly takes the whole catchiness of the song apart and reconstructs it as something quite different.

The video, right from the opening credits and later on, in the dance sequence, is based on the famous French film-maker Jean-Luc Godard's Bande à part and is shot in the Temple Bar Gallery of Photography in Dublin city centre (the part where all the cultural types hang out).

You can tell, I think, by the way that the guitarist is wearing a sweater that this is an indie band, but they've also got some really catchy grooves going on with the song. In my head this is what I would like to think that Q and not U's Power sounds like, instead of deleting it off my hard drive after two listens (itself after a legal eMusic purchase, I might add). If you like anxious, quirky indie-pop with a bit of a dance beat, you'll like this.

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