Friday, March 27, 2009

state of the musical nation - Galway, Ireland

(Photo taken from the Indie Hour here and an MS Publisher sticker slapped on to it - instant graphic art.)

So Cow - 'This Angry Silence' (Television Personalities)

So Cow - 'I Wanna Feel The Warm Spring Breeze' (Kim Jung Mi)

"I WANNA FEEL THE WARM SPRING BREEZE (bom ahra bul baram) - 1970s Korean psyche folk singer...mostly associated with Korean fuzz dude Shin Jung-Hyun. More here. If anyone wants to get at me about pronunciation, shove it."

So Cow Sings!/So Cow In A Shed is an album of cover songs by Tuam-based lo-fi pop artist So Cow, aka Brian Kelly. The full list of songs is as follows:

1. This Angry Silence (Television Personalities)

2. I Wanna Feel The Warm Spring Breeze (Kim Jung Mi)

3. Boris The Spider (The Who)

4. Banana Uyu (Fiddle Bambi)

5. On M'a Toujours Dit (Annie Philippe)

6. Little Bear's Song (Big Monster Love)

7. They Don't Know (Tracey Ullman)

Download So Cow in a Shed

The opening track, 'This Angry Silence', is the first time someone other than Brian has been on a So Cow recording - Galwegian live drummer Tony Higgins provides drums and backing vocals. Under the moniker junior85, he's also been attempting an 'EP a week' project with three diverse EPs produced so far: Wiiiiiiiiiiide Awake (uptempo electronic music), Sleepy (ambient electronic) and now it's for everyone/now it's for noone (noise), each available for free download and as limited edition CDs.

Meanwhile, the So Cow 'greatest hits' LP has just been released stateside on Tic Tac Totally! Records. Artwork above. A North American tour is to follow in May and June, dates on the myspace.