Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Video - Jape, I Was A Man; The Redneck Manifesto - Thirtysixsongs & Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head

Winner of the Choice Music Prize for the best Irish album of 2008, for Ritual. Well deserved, although the bookies should have been giving shorter odds than 6/1. See my Best of 2008: Year End November - featuring 'Phil Lynott'.

The Redneck Manifesto - 'Cut Your Heart Off...'

Richie Egan, aka Jape, also being the bass player for this fantastic Irish instrumental rock band. This is the double cd version of their first two albums, Thirtysixsongs (2001) and Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head (2002); a new release with new artwork (the above picture is the old version) is now on sale from Road Records for €9.99. If you liked Boxes, you'll probably like this (most of the songs are considerably heavier versions of the track above), and vice versa.

Normal posting to resume soon(ish).

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