Sunday, March 8, 2009

i wish this blog was more like tumblr that I could post like this more often.

let's see how this works out

Envy - 'Scene' from Insomniac Doze


"Envy is far from your run-of-the-mill "I just got dumped by my girlfriend of two weeks and want to kill myself" scene or image conscious, attention-whoring pop-punk "emo" facade; no sir, Envy represents something far more cerebral, personal, real. It's no wonder, then, that despite the language barrier, they've become renowned worldwide as one of the finest screamo bands on Earth.

Oh, and worth noting is that (despite their album names and song titles being in English) the vast majority of Envy's music is, in fact, in Japanese. Very poetic Japanese that you could learn a thing or two from, at that."

Proper post on the album coming up next.


cretin said...

it is at this point when I must ask "what is tumblr?" and then maintain that i am not being facetious, no matter how obvious it should seem the answer be

here it goes

what is tumblr?

gabbagabbahey said...

it's a micro-blogging platform. yeah? yeah.

it's like Blogger, but in a more streamlined format. I wanted to get away from having to write long posts on here, so I'm trying out a minimalist addendum to Hardcore for Nerds.

check out for a more established example of the genre.

w00k said...

tumblr confuses me : /.