Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sinaloa/Wolves - split 7"

(The picture above is a hand redrawing - by me - of the actual cover, which isn't available in any significant size on the internet [actually, go here]. A much smaller, but more accurate thumbnail, is below...)

Wolves - '16'

Sinaloa - 'New Teen Craze' & 'Strike Aloud'

From 2004, this split 7" - long out of print - features one of the very last songs by Wolves (who never had any songnames, just numbers - high-concept hardcore) and a pair of comparatively early songs from Sinaloa, who released their third full-length in 2008, Oceans and Islands.

Wolves were a post-Orchid band: the guitarist and singer Brad Wallace was the bassist for Orchid, and went on to play in Bucket Full of Teeth; the drummer went on to play in Ampere; and this split was released on Will Killingsworth's label Clean Plate Records. Quite apart from that - and I'm not the hugest Orchid fan - Wolves were an awesome frantic emo band for the time they were together. Essentially, they were the closest the 21st century has gotten so far to reproducing the combined energy and melody of the Swing Kids.

Like last week's post on Loma Prieta, both these bands recreate different elements of the 90s emo sound in modern fashions; Sinaloa, in turn, sound like a more muscular Moss Icon. Previously I posted the split LP by Ampere and Sinaloa - there's also a Wolves/Ampere split, and a Wolves/Transistor Transistor split, both on 7". However, this is possibly the best, and certainly ultimate, Wolves song, and out of all those other bands Sinaloa are definitely my favourite.

Here's good review of the split from Andy Malcolm of the excellent Collective Zine:

"I think this 7" has been hotly anticipated by certain folks. Luckily, it doesn't disappoint, as both bands contribute some fine songs. Wolves have split up, but they go out on a high note with a quality slice of their emotive hardcore. Garbled vocals and excitable guitars fire off rapidly for the duration. One guitar keeps the melody going at a torrid rate whilst the others and drums blast a tight rhythm. Sound.

Sinaloa then blow me away every time with 2 stunning songs on the b-side. They are a Moss Icon for the 21st century! Heh. I'm sorry. Anyway, this is amazing music, full of so much passion and sincerity and all the other things which I get out of my favourite records. The varied vocals by times spoken and cried spill out over the repetitious guitar and rhythm, inducing much swaying back and forth in my little wooden chair. The guitars roll and twinkle, the drumming marches on and it's all so perfect. As an added bonus they explain their songs. I personally couldn't ask for more. My favourite style of music played by kids that care. Wonderful. Apologies to the band, but it's your own fault for being so fucking good."


Wolves discography on Zen and the Art of Face Punching

Sinaloa discography on Achilous




Matt said...

Excellent, I've been meaning to hear Wolves for some time. I love Sinaloa's latest album, but haven't yet delved into their older stuff. I'm looking forward to hearing this.

Excellent reproduction of the album cover, by the way. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I've searched for an album cover and got nothing but thumbnails. I'm impressed.

gabbagabbahey said...

heh, I know. the wolves site has images of both front and back of all their releases, but they're .png thumbnails. .png! Guess image hosting was more limited back in 2004...

cretin said...

I've never been big on Sinaloa, but they perform well enough on this split for me to want to take another look. Wolves are awesome here as always, striking a very nice balance between melody and the frantic, almost claustrophobic hardcore I've come to expect from them.

and, to re-iterate what Matt said, that's a very nice drawing.

gabbagabbahey said...

my only problem with Sinaloa was that they felt a bit too repetitive - obviously, having only two tracks helps with that. but they're about the feeling and the intensity of that in their songs - which in that respect, are all pretty much the same.

and, thanks!

brendan said...

a webpage for sinaloa and wolves to look at the artwork

i do like the hand drawing though!

gabbagabbahey said...


and thanks!

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