Monday, January 26, 2009

FLApes album review in NME

via Unarocks, the New Musical Express review of Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion: - Fight Like Apes

"post-hardcore synthery" Wtf?

"built a nest from shards of Enter Shikari, Test Icicles and Le Tigre and then thrashed the shiny fuck out of it" Engaging metaphor, but Test Icicles? Enter Shikari? Two/three bands I vaguely remember hearing about, and not in a positive way, in 2007? (2006?)

"Dananananaykroyd gone new wave" Ditto. I dunno, Dananananaykroyd sounds pretty new wave in the first place to me. Like Kajagoogoo.

"comic-book geek-joy of early Ash" Okay, I like that one. Bonus points for mentioning an Irish band.

"FLA are the anti-emo..." If you say so, Emily Mackay (How ironic.)

"...a funny, clever slap of fun. Turn the other cheek, eh?" Quoting scripture is always a good conclusion.

Actually, apart from those quotes, the review's not too bad - if a little vacuous. The album itself is awesome, of course.

Fight Like Apes UK album release & tour - details

Arty new video for 'Tie Me Up With Jackets' review of Fight Like Apes live at Koko, London


mr x, indeed said...

you've got your priorities all wrong bro; whereas your right in assuming enter shikari are fucking awful, le tigre and test icicles were quite good fun pop groups who were followed by a load of indie bands doing crappy versions of what they were quite adequite at.

And the Ash comparison is just fucking retarded. There is nothing in common between the two other than being irish. Thats the kind of stupid comparison you see when 'writers' always describe any female fronted acts as being "a cross between PJ Harvey and ..." no matter what music they play.

NME is still just the Beano in the guise of a music magzine.


gabbagabbahey said...

I wasn't sure about Le Tigre, and I'll reserve judgement on Test Icicles on your recommendation (the name's terrible, though) (and they're actually from 2006, which further proves my point)

Dave said...

I didn't even see the Ash comment the first time. The Enter Shikari one almost knocked me dead though.

Then again this is a magazine that still takes the Libertines seriously.

Longman Oz said...

Test Icicles' album is well worth a listen. Don't want to put you off it further, but it could have been as far back as 2005 when it came out! The band is now broken up, alas!

Enter Shikari really are pants though. Mind you, their live show is always worth a few minutes of a gander at a festival. Preferably from the intense crush at the front! Music is still just as muck awful, but its a tonne of fun!

Anonymous said...

My god, I'd forgotten just how appalling a piece of shit the NME is; Emily Mackay's review is a timely reminder of why it is so wonderful that music blogs have made commercial spunk rags like her newspaper totally redundant to anyone other than hype merchants. -- Murf