Wednesday, July 2, 2008

(Holiday Playlist) Jolies Vacances


Holiday playlist:

Envy, A Dead Sinking Story, Insomniac Doze and Abyssal

The Crownhate Ruin, Until The Eagle Grins, Intermediate, Elementary and A Primer.

Hoover, The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 and Live on WFMU 04/13/94, (thanks to LcDP)

Fugazi, Peel Session November 11, 1988 (via The AV Club/Aquarium Drunkard)

Fight Like Apes, 'Jake Summers' b/w 'Battlestations'

Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend

Bats, Cruel Sea Scientist EP

Halves, Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy EP

Everything from Year End April (except Antidotes - no space)

and Dinosaur Jr., 'Been There All The Time' and 'I Got Lost' 7"s

Summer reading:

Charles Bukowski, Ham On Rye

Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

Don DeLillo, Falling Man

Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea (La Nausée)

33&1/3rd, Ramones and Grace (re-reading)

miscellaneous other non-fiction (including Classics of Buddhism & Zen: The Collected Translations of Thomas Cleary - Volume Four and Heinrich Boll, Journal Irlandais Zen Classics: Formative Texts in the History of Buddhism, edited by Steven Heine and Dale S. Wright, and The Great Arab Conquests by Hugh Kennedy)


cretin said...
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cretin said...

i've been reading this blog for a few weeks now, and i just have to say, great work. you have good taste in music and are clearly a skilled writer.

anyhoo, on a completely unrelated note (cough, cough), is there any chance you could upload the bats ep when you get back? if so, thanks, if not, i'll keep looking.

blend77 said...

hey man, hows it going? I havent visited the blog in a while, but I am glad to see that you are still writing. never give up!

How are things across the pond? Do you have a account?

gabbagabbahey said...

cretin - thanks very much! Compliments are always a great boost to keep this up, not that it's really too arduous :)

I'll see what I can do about the Bats EP. I'm hesitant about uploading a) brand new stuff and b) stuff by young independent bands, at least when c) it's a full (i.e., more than single) release. But since you're apparently in Canada, I think I might help you out.

I didn't listen to it that much, but it's pretty good. I need to mention how nerdy (and hardcore, of course) it is - the CD disc has the four bases of DNA written on it, ATGC - but paradoxically some of it's a bit too heavy for my tastes (same with seeing them live, which I have a few times now). Kinda like a metal-ly early Q and not U.

- blend; the going's good, hope you're well too. I'm just back from hols now, and glad to plenty of new v. interesting hardcore stuff on your site.

No, I don't have an active account.I basically don't listen to enough music on my PC to make it worthwhile - mainly stereo, headphones and vinyl. If they worked a way of scrobbling those, I'd say yes, but obviously at the moment I need to get myself an (office) job!

btw, it's not too late to join in the Beat Drop, if you want to send some stuff my way.

anyone and everyone is welcome, obviously the privacy of your email address etc., will be respected.

cretin said...

woo-hoo! being Canadian has fringe benefits that john macdonald could have never even dreamed of.

in all seriousness though, it's understandable if you can't. I came across Bats a few months back as a part of a listening party, and found the selected songs ridiculously good, like a heavier and more (even more?) spastic version of the Blood Brothers. I've been looking for it since (and rumours of its nerdiness only endear it further).

Jared Dillon said...

i'm missing the updates also bud. lets get some new stuff up here.

gabbagabbahey said...

thanks for the impatience, jared. hopefully something today