Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hot Water Music - 'Paper Thin' (video)

This is the third track on A Flight And A Crash, probably my favourite HWM album (just ordered it on coloured vinyl, along with Fuel For The Hate Game, my second favourite and generally considered their 'best' album - so I'm pretty psyched).

'Paper Thin' isn't necessarily the best song on A Flight And A Crash, but it's probably the catchiest and the best structured. Watching the video again, I feel like it channels a lot of the anthemic spirit of the band's preceding album, No Division, while also being a very smart, open-minded post-hardcore song.

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blend77 said...

hey Gabba,

been busy, but i finally posted a proper pic of the Shotmaker Max Co split art. Its really basic, but its still cool..

right click-view image to see a 900x900 version. its under 200k so its small enough to use for iTunes too.