Monday, February 25, 2008

A.V. Club Blog: Vinyl Retentive


"First, a note: I received a USB turntable for Christmas. After a couple months of software hassles (which continue), I finally started ripping some of my dormant old vinyl. My collection is small to moderately sized and overwhelming dominated by obscure ‘90s punk, but there are noteworthy gems hidden in there—and in the collections of my fellow A.V. Clubbers, covering all genres. Here’s the first write-up of what we find while crate-digging in our own houses…"

Just when I think things couldn't get any better, a new feature at the Onion A.V. Club turns up this morning. The A.V. Club Blog is where a lot of the really interesting stuff on the site turns up: Permanent Records (see my previous post here), Noel Murray's Popless.

This feature reads actually like an amalgam of those two, with an in-depth description of the band and the scene it came from, a sample track and at-a-glance descriptors ("File Under: The sound of a dam about to burst"). A cool thing is that he puts in the 'Vinyl Inscription', which is something I've only found out about since I started buying vinyl. I am definitely looking forward to more of these.

As for Pinhead Gunpowder, the only release of theirs I have is the album Shoot the Moon. This sounds a lot more hardcore; and I guess linking it makes up for leaving the band out of my top Mike Kirsch band poll last year. The winner of that was of course "the popular melodic post-hardcore band" Fuel. And also, I'm a major Green Day fan, in case you didn't know.


Talking of other cool things that happened today (and this fits in very well with the rest of the post) I found a package from 3819 Beecher St. NW waiting on my doorstep. So far I've bought mailorder from Polyvinyl (they put in a candy bar) and No Idea via Interpunk (that was coloured vinyl, so it was cool in itself... and the inscription on Fuel For The Hate Game was pretty funny) but this was the first thing I got from Dischord so far.* Two Crownhate Ruin records, the Intermediate 7" and Until the Eagle Grins. The package was brown cardboard, rather than the white stuff I got the other times, and the address was handwritten (and the return stamp had a name written above it too). And inside there was a little handwritten note, which I scanned in above (it kinda had my name on it, but I blanked it out before posting it onto the interweb).

I know this is the kind of thing you'd expect from Dischord Records, the greatest independent punk label ever, but it's still a very nice, personalised touch.

Thanks, Dischord!

* Dischord have, quite properly, released pretty much all their catalogue on eMusic, the independent download music site, so, pre-vinyl, I've never really needed to mailorder anything from them since buying Repeater + 3 Songs in a store over here.


josephlovesit said...

That's really awesome about the note. It's great that they can keep up a level of intimateness with the fanbase even to this day. I'll be waiting for those Crownhate uploads (and write-ups)!

I remember sometime during gradeschool, reading a Pinhead Gunpowder review in this skateboarding/snowboarding/music magazine called Heckler. I took notice because they mentioned Billie Joe was in it. Funny that I never got to hear them until today.. But Green Day was my favorite band from maybe 5th grade until somewhere around 9th grade. I still show 'em love every now and again. My favorite album would have to be Insomniac. Yours?

gabbagabbahey said...

hey, Insomniac as well! It is their noisiest, after all. I used 'Walking Contradiction' to close my first mixtape of general fave music on this blog.

I guess they were my favourite band until about the same age (maybe a little later... as far as can work out your school grades system!) when they were edged out by Hot Water Music. But yes, I definitely do still listen to them.

I shall post up the two Crownhate Ruin 7"s soon (haven't heard anything about the third). Intermediate is boss DIY, I'm really happy to be able to get the physical thing. And the note wasn't lying, Until the Eagle Grins is 'temporarily out of stock' now!

blend77 said...

Gabba, great post.

I love Dischord more than any other record company for reasons like that. Back in 1993 when i ordered stuff from them they had the same kind of service and the last order i put in a few months ago was no different. Thats the kind of love and care i wish all companies could give.

war machine said...

Hey Gabba!

Loving the site.

I have the Fuel record in two different vinyl formats but would love to drop this onto my ipod!

That link to Fuel didn't provide any results...could you possibly post?

thank you!

gabbagabbahey said...

hey war machine;

that link (from the recently rejuenated Kissmysoundsystem - see my blogroll) should still be active per se, as I don't think he's taken anything down (hence me using his links for a bunch of cool stuff). However, Mediafire seems to be on a bit of downtime today, so I suggest you check back later.

cheers, gabba

gabbagabbahey said...

war machine, if you're still around: here's a post with an original vinyl rip of the album...