Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Posting has been slow, due mostly to academic pressures, but I can still daydream -so here's the five-point plan of the Hardcore for Nerds Winter Schedule, in rough order of priority:

1. New Beginnings: Part Two - Hoover, 'Side Car Freddie'/'Cable' 7"

I've got a semi-contractual commitment with myself that this has to be the next post. That means I'll definitely have to have it up by Inauguration Day.

2. Future of the Left + So Cow - live at Whelan's Upstairs, 14/11/2008

Pretty rockin' gig last Friday in the architecturally misshapen venue, with a slightly odd combination of headliner and support. I've seen the former already, but they still brought it - including, to steal a snippet from a completely different review, the "extended multipart freakout that closed the set with a very un-Mclusky level of psychedelic instrumental abandon" - and the latter impressed me significantly, to the point where I half-imagined I was in Oakland circa 1990-91.

3. Slint - 'Glenn'/'Rhoda' 10" and Mogwai - 'Batcat' 12"

While you're waiting for this, go read josephlovesit's under-construction analysis of cutting edge post-rock (Grails, Envy/Jesu, J Dilla?) over at Geek Down here.

4. Election for Nerds Special Two

The first, pre-election one was here, but since then I've been able to increase the sample size, make adjustments for broadband penetration, and obviously enough, get actual vote results. If you don't know what a regression analysis is, prepare to find out.

5. Year End November

Since I split my year-end list into three parts, beginning in April and continuing in August, I need to fit in the third and final segment in before producing an aggregate judgement next month along with everybody else. Cold War Kids, Gaslight Anthem, Mogwai and Grails will all probably be in this month's list, along with others.

Voice your approval, disapproval or indifference below.


Longman Oz said...

Be interested to see your defence of the CWK album when it comes!

gabbagabbahey said...

what's to(/not to) defend? it's pretty much there in the previous post anyway.

I didn't like their first album so much, but I really like this one.