Monday, September 15, 2008

Live on WFMU: Hoover, Lincoln and Crownhate Ruin

These recordings are from Pat Duncan's show on the US alternative radio station, WFMU, originally recorded in the years 1993 and 1994 and re-broadcast in this decade. You can see the playlists for all of his shows available for streaming here. This Hoover set is nearly an hour long, and includes songs from both The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 and (what would then become) the Slowdime EP, i.e. then unreleased songs, as well as the atmospheric vocal recordings just like in Lurid Traversal.

Lincoln isn't part of the Hoover family tree - as in they share no members - but their split with Hoover was one of the latter band's earliest releases, while Lincoln themselves only released two other 7"s, of two and four songs each. 'Benchwarmer' is from the Hoover split, and the last song 'Sugarloaf' is from their first 7", on Watermark Records. Despite the lesser number of tracks, this set shows a band with a similar style of music, showing that Hoover weren't completely alone in what they were doing (and, um, in what Fugazi weren't) although no-one was quite as good at it as they were.

Finally, the Crownhate Ruin set is the reason I waited this long before posting these, as I wanted to get around to listening to it properly (and, as it turns out, fairly easily record it) before presenting them together. All these tracks are from the first two sequential Crownhate Ruin 7"s ('A Primer' and 'Elementary') as well as the split with Karate, plus some extra tracks; nothing specifically from Until the Eagle Grins. Compared to Hoover this makes them rather prolific, for whatever reason, turning out a progression of different tracks culminating in the full-length.

Hoover, recorded live in the WFMU studio 4/13/94. Engineered by Charles Maggio.

(Pat Duncan - June 24, 2004)

1. TNT For The Man

2. Pretender

3. Electrolux

4. Shut

5. New Five Drive

6. Breather Resist

7. Weeds

8. Cut Like Drugs

9. Return

Lincoln, recorded live at WFMU on 6/24/93.

(Pat Duncan - November 17, 2005)

1. Benchwarmer

2. Repair & Reward

3. Lil' Slugger

4. A.C. Wade

5. Sugarloaf

The Crownhate Ruin, recorded live at WFMU 11/26/94. Engineered by Charles Maggio.

(Pat Duncan - June 23, 2005)

1. Open Bottle

2. A Visit From Mars

3. Lesson In Thread

4. My Country Getaway

5. No Claims Enemy

6. Baby Blue & Black

7. Present To President

8. Last Place In Triage

Hoover & Lincoln (one download, two files)

Hoover show (split into separate mp3s thanks to Matt): part 1 ; part 2

The Crownhate Ruin (one file)

(separate mp3s)

Go to the playlist links to stream the shows in their entirety, or just download the recordings above (the latter done by myself, thanks to whoever did the former originally. It's dead easy, really.)


Brushback said...

Thanks for the tip on the streaming, now I wonder if I'll dare to use it...

lex dexter said...

oh my god, i'm almost afraid to listen to these.

what kills me is that i am a child of new jersey, and an avid fan of the Pat Duncan radio show and WFMU in general. i was just a year or two too young to have been conscious of hoover and thecrownhateruin at this point. jesus. charles maggio from rorschach on the engineering? goodness gracious! this is obscene. yowsers. thanks.

Jared Dillon said...

i just listened to 'Situation At Hand' remembered you did a post on that record awhile back.

guitar tone is still as good as i remember.

lex dexter said...

so soon as i have time to sort through the myriad booklets and spindles, i'll foist those crownhateruin demos on you. if nothing else, i think i can dig up a link from the legendary and fabulous electrical message board.

in the meantime, i'm thinking about a Chris Leo retrospective post that combines career-spanning Native Nod/Van Pelt/Lapse/Vague Angels shite.

gabbagabbahey said...

sounds good!

gabbagabbahey said...

jared - I was thinking that comment was rather random, until I remembered there is a Crownhate Ruin/Kerosene 454 connection. Nothing substantial in recording terms, but Kerosene 454 is included in the relatively brief thank you list for Until the Eagle Grins.

but yeah, the sound on that record is awesome.

Anonymous said...

my sea tiger and the sorts singles finally arrived.

it's great.

cretin said...

OT, but gabba have you heard the new Fight Like Apes album yet? it just began streaming on

gabbagabbahey said...

brad - that's great that you ordered them. great physical things to have, record-wise.

cretin - OT, but a good topic! I've been awaiting that for a while, though I haven't got around to checking it out until just now. I have my tickets for the Dublin launch show next Friday, so you'll probably hear about that on the blog.

what do you think of it?

gabbagabbahey said...

it's probably not too important, but the Fight Like Apes stream is kinda low quality (compared to the songs + singles, from the album, that I've heard already). FYI.

it still rocks though.

cretin said...

I probably read this comparison somewhere, or maybe its just because I've been listening to a lot of them recntly, but it makes me think 'mclusky with synths', at least in attitude if not directly in sound. either way, it's catchy while still retaining an edge to it, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far.

and yeah, the sound quality isn't great, as it has that general compressed/ripped feeling to it, but that's to be expected from a stream.

gabbagabbahey said...

possibly from me. I don't think I've used that exact phrase, but if you type 'mclusky with synths' into my search box you get most if not all of my Fight Like Apes + Future of the Left posts.

here are the first two EPs, five out of eight songs which are redone for the new album (plus a sixth t be on the LP version):

cretin said...

cool, thanks.

lex dexter said...

not that everything needs to be a competition... but dontch'all think that Hoover's set is the MOST face-melting of the three? jesus christ, what a band.

gabbagabbahey said...

well, yeah... you brought up 'face-melting' with regard to TCR in the first place though, and I'm definitely still more of a Hoover fan than Crownhate Ruin - not, as you say, that it always has to be a competition.

jolicoeur said...

Thank you for these lives.
Great blog! There is full of records I want to post on my blog too.
Merci encore.
Jean marc