Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Hüsker Dü Six and a Bit Minutes

A direct follow-on to the previous post. Both these videos are excellent. The first song is one by Grant Hart, from 1986's Candy Apple Grey, 'Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely'; the second by Bob Mould, from 1987's Warehouse: Songs and Stories, 'Could You Be The One?':


(Candy Apple Grey)



'Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely', live concert performance

'Could You Be The One?', music video

Anyone else think Greg Norton looks like a tall Det. Martinez from NYPD Blue? Probably just me.


Jared Dillon said...

I used to work as a prep. cook in a steak house. One of my friends there had a cassette copy of 'Candy Apple Grey' since the cd player had gotten hot oil on it and was broken. I listened to "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely" so many times it was ridiculous. Such a great song and maybe even my favorite from the Huskers.

gabbagabbahey said...

ha, great story!

I went from straight Zen Arcade to Candy Apple Grey, skipping over New Day Rising (and Flip Your Wig?) for a while. Not something I regret.

great album.

Jared Dillon said...

i never understood why 'New Day Rising' got so much appreciation. i mean sure 'the girl who lives on heaven hill' is one of their best songs, but other than that is kind of just a bunch of half stoned experiments. hard to follow up 'Zen Arcade' though.

Brushback said...

I was never a really big Husker Du fan, but I used to stay up late watching MTV with the VCR on just to catch "Could You Be The One", which was about the only decent video they played on semi-rotation back then.

MTV ended up using in a commercial a 2-second snippet from that video of Bob lurching around, which got played way more than the video itself.

gabbagabbahey said...

I guess a lot of people have stories about Husker Du - what with them being one of the biggest alternative American rock groups of the time (i.e. before mine!).

Personally, I always liked them for their ability to straddle amazing hardcore records (Metal Circus/Zen Arcade) with superb pop records (Candy Apple Grey/Warehouse). Not many bands successfully pull that off. I suppose New Day Rising is more the 'straddle' part of their catalogue, and sounds kind of weak (to some) accordingly.

jared - "the girl who lives on heaven hill" is another Hart song, I'm pretty sure. He always came up with some of their best pop stuff, even if it was energetic and punk as hell. But there are plenty of good songs on that album. I really like the closer 'Plans I Make', a kind of speed swansong to the Metal Circus sound.

Anyone else want to share their Husker memories - or to put it another way, was Husker Du?

(get it? sorry, I can never resist bilingual puns...)

Shawn said...

@Jared Dillon.
I believe you need to go back and listen to New Day Rising again. There are many excellent songs and a few that are stone cold classics! "Books About UFO's", "Terms Of Psychic Warfare","Powerline", and of course "Celebrated Summer", which I consider one of their best songs.