Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Video - Dinosaur Jr., 'Been There All The Time'

'Been There All The Time' (J. Mascis) b/w 'Back To Your Heart' (Lou Barlow) - UK 7" from the album Beyond, released 2007.*




Check out the turntable in the video, with the S-shaped tone arm... and also the record with 'Dinosaur Jr.' written on it what looks like in white paint. Is that for real?


* With my new USB turntable, I'm hoping to rip a few of my (three) 7"s (list of purchases in preceding post) to mp3 in the coming days. Most I have digitally already - both these Dino Jr. tracks are on the album itself, for example - but I'm treating it as an exercise in the use of technology. So if anybody would like to hear one of them in particular, let me know and I'll, uh, expedite the process!

[Edit: rip of the Editors' single now available below]

[Edit: rip of 'Been There All The Time']


Jared Dillon said...
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Jared Dillon said...

'out there' is one of my favorite videos ever.

gabbagabbahey said...

mm, yes. I was just watching it there on YouTube:

best comment: "Ha, J. Mascis, the only guitarist who can play with gloves on!"