Monday, October 8, 2007

Dan Deacon - 'Crystal Cat' (video) - New & Improved Post

Gabbagabbahey likes the Ramones. So does this guy.

In fact, if you go by Pitchfork (which isn't always such a great idea), Dan Deacon connects "at various points with... happy hardcore and gabba techno... the Ramones, Koji Kondo (composer-in-residence for the Nintendo Entertainment System)," amongst others. Really, the Ramones and Nintendo comparison are the only ones which stick in my head, and mainly because they describe this particular song so well. The rest of the album, Spiderman of the Rings, is more than very good, if somewhat of an acquired taste at times (Wooody Wooodpecker, anyone?). But this song is fantastic.

'Crystal Cat' is my new favourite song. It's so good that it could be a 21st century B-side to 'Blitzkrieg Bop'. It should be a hit pop song, like many other songs before it (see the post below). Unfortunately, that's not the way the world works.

You can get the album here on Arpeggi, a Music Blog; but I for one (still) intend buying it.


And if you want to hear more 'music' from crazy individuals, here's some stuff I came across recently:

Italian Horn

Courtesy of the amazingly named Jeff Chord over at Zen and the Art of Face Punching. It's just this one guy from Brooklyn, NY, making a lot of classy, classy noise... it's hard to describe - "somewhere between post-rock melodic repetition and Today is the Day's dark ambience" is one attempt, which is somewhat lost on me! Seriously though, it's really good music. Check it out - you can download the 6-track EP from Jeff's post, and although 'Aspirin Headband' from the Myspace is pretty good, 'Skinhead With a Bluetooth Earpiece' from the EP is really the standout track.


I recently discovered a lot of exciting music on this site, Believes in Patterns, which fits very well into a bit of an offbeat look at the already strange world of hardcore and noise. This writer, Walt, did a previous post about 'alternative screamo' and then goes on to describe gtuk as one of those bands but "on Speed or Crack or both with a healthy dose of crystal meth to make things work out". So, yeah, it's pretty wild.

Anyway, gtuk is a German one-man screamo band, heavily influenced by electronic sounds. Check it out - Wir Sind Glucklich? is probably the better of the two albums, but they're both pretty good.


Walt said...

OMG That video is sweet, and GTUK is awesome. I am gonna add your blog to my links hoope you don't mind.

acrosshistory said...

i took photos of dan, i need to post them on my photo blog.. nice dude